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UGC NET July 2018 Paper 2 Library Science (1-10)

1. What is the meaning of the term “Information Iceberg” ?
1/3 Non-Visible and 2/3 Visible
1/3 Visible and 2/3 Non-Visible
1/4 Non-Visible and 3/4 Visible
1/4 Visible and 3/4 Non-Visible

2. What is the name of the committee responsible for Indian standards related to libraries ?
TC 46
Z 39

3. ‘World Book and Copyright Day’ is celebrated on :
22nd August
23rd April
23rd March
20th March

4. “To make at least one in every household e-literate” is thrust area of policy (# 7) included in :
National Knowledge Commission, 2005
National Policy on Information Technology, 2012
National Education Policy, 1992
National Policy on Library and Information Systems, 1986

5. Identify which one of the Five Laws of Library Science that Ranganathan remarked as ‘trivial truism’ in his writing “Library Science and Scientific Method”.
First Law
Second Law
Third Law
Fifth Law

6. ‘Wikipedia’ owned by the non-profit “Wikipedia Foundation” was launched on January 15, 2001 by :
Jimmy Wells and Larry Sanger
Jimmy Wells and Vincent J. Aceto
Larry Sanger and W. Kathy
William A. Ford and W. Kathy

7. ‘Anukriti’ is a :
Bibliographic India Website
Indexing India Website
Translating India Website
Abstracting India Website

8. Ezproxy is a product of :
Library of Congress

9. Which of the following is not a classical model of information retrieval ?

10. Who criticized the concept of main entry as ‘a relic of outdated technology’ ?
Michael Gorman
Robert L. Maxwell
Pat Oddy
Tom Delsey