ISRO-URSC Library Assistant Exam 2019 Questions -2

ISRO-URSC Library Assistant Exam 2019 Question Series
1. The ratio between relevance retrieval and total retrieved in a literature search is known as

2. Set of rules produced by IFLA for exchange of cataloguing information is

3. PRECIS is based on
Rotated subject index system
Permuted subject index system
Post coordinate indexing system
Chain Indexing

4. Third law of Library science is satisfied by
Open access system
GOC rates
Book acquistion policy
Closed access system

5. National Knowledge Network is to be implemented by
National Knowledge Commission
Information and Library Network
National Informatics Centre
Department of Information Technology

6. Dublin core consisting of 15 elements is
Library Software
Collection of metadata set
Revised version of MARC
Core activity of Library

7. Which of the following is not a communication model?
Shannon and Weaver model
Vintage model
Lasswell's model
Garbner's model

8. Classified catalogue consists of
Classified part and alphabetical part
Classified part and author index
Classified part and name index
Classified part and subject index

9. Which one of the following is not library consortium in India?
National Library of India

10. The list of books, periodicals or other document of a combined catalogue of number of libraries is known as
Cooperative cataloguing
Shared catalogue
Cataloging in Publication
Union catalogue

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