ISRO-URSC Library Assistant Exam 2019 Questions -1

ISRO-URSC Library Assistant Exam 2019 Question Series
1. Which of the following is one of the styles of citation?

2. Fumigation chamber is used for conservation of
Audio Materials
Magnetic Forms

3. Law of scattering which describes how the literature on a particular subject is scattered or distributed in the journals was formulated by
Bradford SC

4. 490 tag in MARC format marks
The edition
The Physical description
A topical subject heading
The series statement

5. Process of restoring order among books misplaced on the shelves by readers is
Shelf rectification
Stock verification
Shelf Reading

6. In the context of information science, Half-life relates to
Degree of distribution
Rate of growth
Rate of obsolescence
Information overload

7. Cataloguing in publication is an example of
Shared Cataloguing
Prenatal Cataloguing
Descriptive Cataloguing
Author cataloguing

8. In CCC, three analytical entries are; author analytical, subject analytical and ______
series analytical
Edition analytical
Title analytical
Place analytical

9. Identify the correct sequence of user tasks that are supported by the structure of FRBR
Identify, Select, Obtain, Find
Find, Identify, Select, Obtain
Select, Identify, Find, Obtain
Find, Select, Identify, Obtain

10. Subject headings used by catalogues to enforce uniformity throughout retrieval system is
Controlled vocabulary
Search strategy
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