Unit 2: National Libraries and Their Functions

1) State three causes that led to-reviewing the objects and functions of a national library. 
The three causes that led to reviewing the objects and functions of the National Library are :
i) Production of extensive output of scientific literature and literature in other disciplines;
ii) The difficulties of national libraries to cope up with demand for service by scholars and scientists, in view of the extensive literature in scientific as well as in other disciplines;
iii) Undefined role of national libraries.

2) State the broad-groups;under which the objects and functions of a national library can be considered. List also the activities of any one of them.
The broad groups under which the objects and functions of a national library can
be considered are:
i) Collection development
ii) Dissemination service
iii) Readers services
iv) Other activities.
See Sub-section 5.2.4 in the text of this Unit.
3) Give one example of national libraries which are specializing by type of materials, by subjects and functions.
 Example of national libraries are:
i) National Agriculture Library, Washington, D.C → Subject
ii) British Library Document Supply Centre
iii) British Lending Library for Science and Technology

4) State the three historical phases of the growth of the National Library of India.
The -three historical phases of the National Library of India are :
i) First phase : 1835:-1903 : Calcutta Public Library
ii) Second Phase: 1903 -1947 : The Imperial Library
iii) Third phase: 1947 onwards: The National Library of India.

5) Major divisions of the National Library of India are
i) Indian, Asian and African Language Divisions
ii) Acquisition and Processing Divisions.
iii) Stack and Reading Rooms of Annexe Building, Gift Exchange, Maps and Prints Division.
iv) Main Reading Room, Reference and Bibliography, European Language Divisions
v) Science and Technology, Rare Books, Reprography Divisions Administration and Accounts
vi) Security and Conservancy Division.

6) List the Readers, Services offered by the National Library of India. 
The Readers Services offered by the National Library of India are:
i) Lending services, including Inter-library loan
ii) Reading Rooms located at the main building and the Annexe numbering 10, with an open shelf collection of about 10,000 books of reference and basic subject oriented collection.
iii) Bibliography and Reference services; Bibliographic services includes compilation of short and select bibliographies on specific topics on request.
iv) Reprography services which include copying facilities for getting copies of journal articles, small reports, etc. On a nominal charge and a printing unit for printing small publications for limited circulation.

7) List the types of national libraries operating in India at present. 
The national libraries operating in India on the basis of subject, for special groups and for specialised materials are :
i) The National Science Library, INSDOC (Subject specialisation)
ii) The National Medical Library, (M/o Health Services) (Subject)
iii) The National Library for the Blind and the Physically Handicapped (For special groups)

8) Enumerate the major departments of the Library of Congress
The major department of the Library of Congress are:
i) Office of the Librarian
ii) Management Services
iii) Congressional Research Services
iv) Copyright Office
v) Law Library
vi) Processing service
vii) Research services
viii) National programs

9) List three activities of the Library of Congress that aid professional library and bibliographical service in general. 
The activities of the Library of Congress which aid professional library and bibliographical services in general are:
i) The National Union Catalogue of Printed Books
ii) The Cataloging in Publication;
iii) MARC Project and Library Automation Program

10) Give in five lines the bibliographical services division's activities of the British  Library.
The Bibliographical service of the British Library includes the publication of a range of printed and microfiche bibliographic records, the British National  Bibliography, the Books in English; BLAISE on-line service, which gives access to the British Library and other complementary databases for  information retrieval and record supply.

Birch Barks : Bark of a tree cut to a certain measurement and soaking in water  and dried in sun to make writing material
Depository : A place where anything is kept or stored for safe keeping.
Papyrus : An ancient paper like material made from tall stem of a river  plant.
Parchment : Skin of sheep or goat which undergoes a process and treatment  for writing purpose.
Sub-national : Under the national setup:
Vellum : Skin of an unborn and -still born lamb or calf which undergoes a  process and treatment for writing purpose.
Source: IGNOU Study Material

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