Literature Search and Database Services

1. Enumerate the different steps involved in literature search. 
The different steps in literature search are:
a) to ascertain the purpose, scope, depth and the precise field of query from the requester;
b) to evolve a search strategy on the basis of the nature of the query and the user requirements;
c) choosing the most appropriate sources for search; the sequence of search may be beginning with the search in a review publication followed by search in secondary periodicals and other sources such as conference proceedings, research reports, theses, patents, standards and specifications, etc.;
d) recording of references and information in a standard form; and
e) presentation of results in a form acceptable to the user.

2)State the four advantages of online searches through databases. 
Online searching of databases is a recent phenomenon which has come as a result of application of computer communication technologies to information activities. The main advantages of on-line searching are as follows:
i) Speedy searching of information sources on a particular subject.
ii) Direct interaction of the searcher with the database to identify the relevance of the selected references to the users' requirements.
iii) The search strategy can be altered or revised during the process of search as required by the user.
iv) Online searches can be conducted on different databases leading to the selection of comprehensive literature on the subject of search.

3) Give at least five examples of computer databases available for online searching.
The computer databases available for online searching are:
ii) CA Search

Access Tool : A tool that helps to locate relevant references, e.g., a  catalogue or index.
Alien Field : A subject area totally unrelated to a given subject.
Bibliographical Control : The systematic recording of all the existing literature  on a given subject with a view to providing access to it.
Conglomerates : Giant vendors holding several databases.
Nomenclature : A complete system of names in a given subject

Source: IGNOU Study Material

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