CBSE UGC NET July 2016 LIS Paper 3 (31-40)


1. LANs are distinguished from other types of Networks by the following characteristics :
a. Full time connectivity to local service.
b. Unlimited geographic operation.
c. Data transfer rate.
d. Low cost and cabling transmission media.
b, c, d are correct.
a, b, c are correct.
a, c, d are correct.
a, b, d are correct.

2. Which of the following are the different layers of UNIX operating system
a. Kernel
b. Shell
c. Format
d. Application
a, b and d are correct.
b, c and d are correct.
a, c and d are correct.
a, b and c are correct.

3. Identify the web 3.0 features from the following :
a. Blogs
b. Folksonomy
c. Semantic web
d. Net vibes
a and b are correct.
c & d are correct.
b & d are correct.
a & d are correct.

4. Identify the characteristics of Library 1.0 :
a. User tagging
b. Read only catalogue
c. Print newsletter mailed out
d. Information as conversation
a and c are correct.
b and d are correct.
b and c are correct.
c and d are correct.

5. Identify the correct sequence of the facet formula for book number as propounded by S.R. Ranganathan :
a. Evaluation
b. Langauge
c. Year
d. Form
b, d, c and a
b, a, d and c
b, c, d and a
d, a, c and b

6. Arrange the following biographical sources according to the year of their first publication :
a. Current Biography, H.W. Wilson
b. Webster’s Biographical Dictionary, G & C Marriam Company
c. Chamber’s Biographical Dictionary
d. International Who’s Who, Europa
c, b, a and d
c, d, b and a
d, b, c and a
a, c, d and b

7. Arrange the following committee/commissions in ascending order :
a. Kothari Commission
b. Radhakrishnan Commision
c. K.P. Sinha Committee
d. Ranganathan Committee
a, b, d, c
b, d, c, a
d, b, a, c
c, a, b, d

8. Arrange the following events according to their year of occurrence :
a. Establishment of Documentation Research and Training Centre
b. First meeting of Classification Research Group, London
c. Publication of Broad System of Ordering (BSO)
d. Formation of FID/CA
a, b, d, c
d, b, c, a
d, b, a, c
d, c, a, b

9. Arrange the following classification schemes according to their chronological sequence :
a. Subject classification
b. Expansive classification
c. Broad system of ordering
d. Bibliographic classification
a, b, c and d
b, a, d and cl
c, a, b and d
d, c, b and a

10. Arrange the following bibliographies according to their first publication :
a. Indian National Bibliography
b. British Books in Print (Whitaker)
c. British National Bibliography
d. Books in print (Bowker)
b, d, c and a
b, d, a and c
d, b, c and a
d, c, a and b

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