CBSE UGC NET July 2016 LIS Paper 3 (41-50)


1. Arrange the following according to their year of establishment :
b, c, d and a
a, d, c and b
c, b, a and d
d, c, b and a

2. Arrange the following information encountering (IE) steps that occur during an IE experience as developed by Sanda Erdelez :
a. Examining
b. Returning
c. Slopping
d. Capturing
c, b, d and a
c, a, d and b
a, d, c and b
b, c, d and a

3. Arrange the following steps of index construction in proper order :
a. Index scoring
b. Item selection
c. Index validation
d. Examination of empirical relationships
a, b, c, d
a, c, d, b
b, d, a, c
b, a, c, d

4. Match the following :
List – I (Extension) List – II (File Content in dBase)
a. .DBF i. Database Memo file
b. .DBK ii. Database file
c. .DBO iii. Database backup file
d. .DBT iv. Command and procedure object file
ii iv i iii
ii iii iv i
iv ii i iii
i iii iv ii

5. Match the following :
a. Descriptive Metadata i. MOA2
b. Structural Metadata ii. EAD
c. Administrative Metadata iii. OWL + DC
d. Semantic Metadata iv. MARC
iv ii i iii
ii iii iv i
iv ii iii i
iv iii ii i

6. Match the following :
a. Arunachal Pradesh Public Libraries Act i. 1960
b. Orissa Public Libraries Act ii. 1979
c. West Bengal Public Libraries Act iii. 2009
d. Andhra Pradesh Public Libraries Act iv. 2001
ii i iv iii
iii ii i iv
iv iii ii i
iii iv ii i

7. Match the following :
a. IFLA i. Dublin
b. OCLC ii. Toronto
c. RLIN iii. Palo Alto
d. UTLAS iv. The Hague
iv i iii ii
i ii iii iv
ii i iv iii
iii iv ii i

8. Match the following :
a. Narrative account of the progress of any given field of study i. Trend Report
b. Systematic view of recent developments ii. Review
c. Systematic condensation of a written work iii. Compendium
d. Short summary of the main points of a larger work iv. Digest
ii i iii ivc
iii iv ii i
iii i ii iv
iv i iii ii

9. Match the following authors with the subjects they are associated with :
a. Peter Suber i. Management
b. H.E. Bliss ii. Information Technology
c. Henry Fayol iii. Classification
d. Tim Berners Lee iv. Open Access Movement
iv iii i ii
iii ii i iv
i iii iv ii
ii iv iii i

10. Match the following :
a. Invenio i. Course Management System
b. Moodle ii. Content Management System
c. Share Point iii. Digital Library System
d. PhpMyAdmn iv. Web Database Management
iii i ii iv
iv i ii iii
ii i iii iv
iv iii ii i

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