J&K State Eligibility Test 2013 General Paper 1 (11-20)

1. Which one of the following do not provide entertainment to the targeted People ?
Radio Program
Text Book

2. The first Radio Program in India was broadcast in
1923 by Radio Club of Bombay
1927 from Bombay and Calcutta
1936 by All India Radio
None of the above

3. In the alphabets from A to Z, which is the third letter to the right of the letter which is midway between K & S ?

4. Find the wrong number in the following sequence : 31, 49, 115, 199, 265, 579, 3619

5. On seeing in the mirror the clock is showing the time as 8 : 35. Then what is the actual time ?
8 : 35
3 : 25
8 : 25
4 : 25

6. A family consists of seven members P, Q, R, S, T, U, V.
There are three married couples.
Q is an engineer and father of T.
U is grandfather of T and is a contractor.
R is daughter-in-law of S who is a nurse by occupation.
V is T’s uncle who is a professor.
There is one student, one housewife, one doctor in the family.
The student is unmarried and R is the sisterin-law of Q.
Who is R's husband ?


7. If BOMBAY is coded as AMJXVS how would you encode BANGALORE ?

8. In given question two statements are followed by two conclusion number 1 and 2. Assume that two statements are true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts
Statement :
All men are women.
Some women are children.
Conclusion :
1. Some men are children.
2. All men are children.
Consider the statements and following conclusions and decide which of the following is implicit in the statements ?
Only conclusion 1 follows
Only conclusion 2 follows
Conclusion neither 1 nor 2 follows
Conclusion 1 or 2 follows

9.The question is pair of events A and B. Assume that information given in A and B is true. Decide about their relationship.
A : Many people have been reported to be suffering from a rare form of Malaria in the city
B : There are large number of cases of people suffering from gastroenteritis being treated in various hospitals in the city.
Mark the answer as :
A is the effect and B its immediate and principal cause
A is the immediate and principal cause and B is the effect
A is an effect but B not its immediate and principal cause
None of the above

10.The question below is followed by two arguments numbered I and II, generally one in favour and one against. Decide which of the argument holds strong and helps formulate appropriate opinion. Should number of holidays of Government employees be reduced ?
I. Yes. Our government employees are having maximum number of holidays among the other countries in the world.
II. Yes. It will lead to increased productivity of government offices.
If only argument I is strong
If only argument II is strong
If either I or II is strong
If both I and II are strong

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