J&K State Eligibility Test 2013 General Paper 1 (1-10)

1. Which of the following statements is incorrect about teaching ?
Teaching is modifiable
Teaching is formal and informal
Teaching is science as well as art
teaching is a noble profession

2. Which of the following is more important for keeping the good mental health of students ?
Provision for curricular activities
Freedom of Expression
Variety of interests
Teacher’s role and school environment

3. As a teacher what techniques you would follow to motivate students of your class ?
By setting induction
Use of blackboard
By illustration
By active participation of students

4. Reducing stress and enhancing success in examination necessitates :
A shift towards shorter examination
Examination to be conducted at different stages of school education
Annual and half yearly examinations
Setting up of different agencies for conducting entrance examinations

5. Creative answers require :
Open-ended questions
Direct teaching and direct questions
Content based questions
A highly disciplined class room

6. The most important trait of a student is :
Sense of responsibility
To speak truth

7. Annual report of an organisation for flow of information is an example of
Horizontal communication
Upward communication
Downward communication
Vertical communication

8. The most centralised network channel to disseminate all information is :
Circle network
Wheel network
Chain network
All channel network

9. In an organisation people interpret the same message in different ways depending upon the social and cultural background, education and experience. This brings in problem of barrier in the organisation. It is known as :
Organizational barrier
Semantic barrier
Perceptual barrier
Status barrier

10. Which of the following can make a lecture session most effective and communicative ?
Delivered using appropriate media so that it can be learner centred
Delivered slowly and clearly keeping strict discipline in the class
Received immediately keeping the students relaxed while teaching
Received as intended by sender keeping students relaxed

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