Library Management Basics - 4

1. The library stamp is put on newspapers
Before display
After display
Before removing
After removing

2. A set of newspapers for binding is prepared
Name, date and year-wise
All Newspapers in one set
Irrespective of any month
Any other sequences

3. The damaged books from shelves are remoed while
Placing new books
Placing pending books
Placing the returned books
All of these

4. The jackets of the latest books are displayed on
Display racks
Notice board
Reading table
Circulation counter

5. Rectification of wrongly shelved books is to be done

6. Press clippings are double punched on the
Left side margin
Right side margin
At the top
At the bottom

7. Atlases of larger size are shelved
Same as books
Vertical posistion
Horizontal position
Flat on the shelves

8. While shelving, the spines of book are kept
Parallel to the front border line
Parallel to the back border line
at the upside
at the downside

9. The newly processed books are arranged in
Classified manner
Title wise
Subject wise
Author wise

10.Rare books and manuscripts are shelved
Along with general books
Along with reference books
Along with chart and maps

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