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Objective questions on Management Basics - 5

1.Which is not a broad group of management theories?
i) Classical management theory
ii) Neoclassical management theory
iii) Modern management theory
i only
ii only
iii only
None of the above

2.Select the period of Classical Managemet Theory
None of the above

3.Classical Managemet Theory is
Organisation centered
Human oriented
Complete employee view
All the above

4.Who is the father of scientific management
Henry Fayol
Henry L Gantt
Harrington Emerson
Winslow Taylor

5.Who is the father of the administrative management theory
Henry Fayol
Henry L Gantt
Harrington Emerson
Winslow Taylor

6.Who listed 14 principles of management based on his experience?
Henry Fayol
Henry L Gantt
Harrington Emerson
Winslow Taylor

7.Who is considered as the father of the human relations movement
F W Taylor
Henry Fayol
Elton Mayo
W.J Dickson

8.Hawthorne experiment conducted by Mayo, Roethlisberger and Dickson. What is Hawthorne?
A person
A Place
A Company
A Project

9.Inspired by Fayol, Harold Koontz and Cyril O'Donnell propounded a new school of thought known as
the management process school
The empirical school
The human behavioural school
The social systems school

10.Max Weber know for
Scientific Management
Adminstrative Management
Bureaucratic Organisation
None of the above

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