Maharashtra State Eligibility Test February 2013 Paper 1 (11-20)

1. An exhaustive and critical reading of the available literature on the research topic prior to its investigation is called as :
Researching of literature
Review of literature
Assessment of literature
Classification of literature

2. A ‘focus group discussion’ includes about .......................... participants.

Answer question Nos. 3 to 8 based either on the English passage :
As matters stand today, many teachers are unable to do the best of which they are capable. For this there are a number of reasons, some more or less accidental, others very deep-seated. To begin with the former, most teachers are overworked and are compelled to prepare their pupils for examinations rather than to give them a liberalizing mental training. The people who are not accustomed to teaching—and this includes practically all educational authorities—have no idea of the expense of spirit that it involves.
Clergymen are not expected to preach sermons for several hours every day, but the analogous effort is demanded of teachers. The result is that many of them become harassed and nervous, out of touch with recent work in the subjects that they teach, and unable to inspire their students with a sense of the intellectual delights to be obtained from new understanding and new knowledge.
This, however, is by no means the bravest matter. In most countries certain opinions are recognized as correct, and others as dangerous. Teachers whose opinions are not correct are expected to keep silent about them. If they mention their opinions it is propaganda, while the mentioning of correct opinions is that the inquiring young too often have to go outside the classroom to discover what is being taught by the most vigorous minds of their own time. There is a subject called civics, in which, perhaps more than in any other, the teaching is expected to be misleading. The young are taught a sort of copybook account of how public affairs are supposed to be conducted, and are carefully shielded from all knowledge as to how in fact they are conducted. When they grow up and discover the truth, the result is too often a complete cynicism in which all public ideals are lost; whereas if they had been taught the truth carefully and with proper comment at an earlier age they might have become men able to combat evils in which, as it is, they acquiesce with a shrug.
3.The author regrets the fact that :
clergymen are not expected to preach everyday
many teachers are not able to realise their full potential
some teachers are better than the others
teachers are expected to train students’ minds

4. Which of the following statements is true ?
Educational authorities are effective teachers
In all countries certain opinions are recognised as correct
Civics is unnecessarily taught in some contexts
Most teachers are forced to prepare their students for examinations

5. Teachers are expected to :
discover the truth
be cynical about public ideals
lecture for many hours everyday
inspire their students to work hard

6. Teachers are out of touch with :
the recent developments in their own subjects
the latest encyclopaedias
the reality of the world

7. The teaching of Civics is problematic because students realise that :
they cannot combat the evils of society
they cannot formulate correct opinions about society
what they were taught is different from reality
they cannot take delight in new knowledge

8. Choose the most appropriate title for the passage from the following :
Difficulties faced by teachers
The teaching of civics
Students’ duties
Teaching as a noble profession

9. In which of the following types of communication the sender and receiver very rarely share the same time and space continuum and interact in a considerable way ?
Interpersonal Communication
Group Communication
Mass Communication
Verbal Communication

10. We generally and unknowingly tend to believe non-verbal clues more than verbal clues of a person because :
verbal clues are generally difficult to understand
non-verbal clues are more involuntary than verbal
verbal clues are highly culture sensitive
non-verbal clues are highly controllable

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