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Maharashtra State Eligibility Test February 2013 Paper 1 (1-10)

1. Major role of a teacher is to :
Provide the students up-to-date knowledge
Provide the students accurate knowledge
Assist the students to acquire and reorganise knowledge
Assist the students to remember given knowledge for a long time.

2. The learner characteristics that impacts learning the most are :
Social and economic background
Intelligence and study habits
Aptitude and motivation
Age and health

3. The main drawback of lecture is that :
The students get bored and become inattentive consequently
The students get readymade answers and become lazy
The students become passive receivers and do not think
The students get engaged in taking notes and become tired

4. If ‘Learning to know’ is aim of education, then students should be :
provided with latest global knowledge
taught with the help of latest technology
given more indepth assignments
encouraged for self-learning

5. Which effort will promote use of library by students ?
Development of skills and interest in reading
Attractive display of new books and journals
Reading assignments given by teacher
Appointment of student representatives on library committee

6. Present evaluation system has limitations regarding :
Predicting success in academic courses
Predicting success in life and vocation
Measuring development of skills
Judging academic achievement

7. Knowledge unlike belief refers to :

8. One of the main aims of science is :

9. The stage at which the researcher makes his/her observations and records them, is called as :
Data Measurement
Data Analysis
Data Processing
Data Collection

10. A set of interrelated concepts, definitions, and propositions that present a systematic view of phenomena by specifying relations among variables is called :

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