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Paper 2 Unit 8 Full Unit Test Published

Karnataka SET (KSET) 2014 LIS Paper 2 (21-30)

21.‘TKDL’ is a project was launched by

22.MEDLARS was launched by
Library of Congress
National Library of Medicine
Newyork Public Library
British Library

23.DOI stands for
Digital Object Identifier
Digital Online Identifier
Digital Object Interaction
Digital Object Interface

24.Standardised value of a random variable is
Ultimate value
Absolute value
Mathematical value

25.National Library for visually Handicapped is located at
New Delhi

26.Assertion (A) : Information is like water. It takes shape in any form.
Reason (R) : Availability of information is regarded as a factor to decide form of document

(A) is false (R) is true
(A) is true (R) is false
Both (A) and (R) true
Both (A) and (R) false

27.Assertion (A) : Reprint in one of the primary source of information
Reason (R) : It looses its importance once journal in which it has published has been received by the library

(A) is true, (R) is false
(A) is false and (R) is true
Both (A) and (R) are true
Both (A) and (R) false

28.Assertion (A) : Book classification need not based on content of a book.
Reason (R) : Classification of content of book leads to knowledge classification

(A) is true, (R) is false
(A) is false (R) is true
Both (A) and (R) true
Both (A) and (R) false

29.Assertion (A) : An indexing language, which is an artificial language was controlled vocabulary.
Reason (R) : It depicts different relationships between the terms.

(A) is true, (R) is false
(A) is false (R) is true
Both (A) and (R) are true
Both (A) and (R) are false

30.Assertion (A) : The budget is an estimation of revenue and expenditure for the coming year.
Reason (R) : The purpose of budget is to unit expenditure to income and to assure wisely planned spending.

(A) is true, (R) is false
(A) is false (R) is true
Both (A) and (R) are true
Both (A) and (R) false

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