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DayTopic of the day Quiz
21.04.2015Information Science BasicsQuiz 1
22.04.2015Information and CommunicationQuiz 2
23.04.2015Intellecutal Property RightsQuiz 3
23.04.2015Library and Information Policy Quiz 4
24.04.2015Unit 1: Information and Communication Unit Test 1
24.04.2015Five Laws of Library Science-Basics Quiz 5
25.04.2015Library Networks and Years Quiz 6
27.04.2015Five Laws of Library Science-Implications Quiz 7
27.04.2015Public Library Acts in India Quiz 8
28.04.2015Library Associations and Years Quiz 9
29.04.2015Library and Information Science Education Quiz 10
29.04.2015Unit 2: Library and Society Unit Test 2
04.05.2015Information Sources Basics-1 Quiz 11
04.05.2015Information Sources Basics-2 Quiz 12
05.05.2015General books vs Reference sources Quiz 13
06.05.2015Bibliography Quiz 14
06.05.2015Indexing and Abstracting Periodicals Quiz 15
06.05.2015Information Sources -Dictionaries Newly Added
07.05.2015Information Sources Unit Test 3
07.05.2015Information Services basics Quiz 16
07.05.2015Information Services basics - 2 Quiz 17
08.05.2015Information Services-3 Quiz 18
08.05.2015Information Services-Documentation Centers Quiz 19
08.05.2015Sectoral Centers of NISSAT Quiz 20
11.05.2015Unit 4: Information Services Unit Test 4
12.05.2015Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) Quiz 21
UpdatedTypes of ClassificationNewly Added
15.05.2015Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) Quiz 22
15.05.2015Classification Schemes and Years Quiz 23
15.05.2015Colon Classification (CC) Quiz 24
16.05.2015Cataloguing Codes and Years Quiz 25
18.05.2015Classification & Cataloguing Unit Test 5
20.05.2015Management Basics Quiz 26
22.05.2015International Standard Book Number(ISBN) Quiz 27
22.05.2015International Standard Serial Number(ISSN) Quiz 28
24.05.2015Unit 6: Library Management Unit Test 6
25.05.2015Computer and Its Generations Quiz 29
26.05.2015Basics in Computer Notes
29.05.2015Unit 7: Information Technology Unit Test 7
04.06.2015Unit 8: Library Automation Unit Test 8
09.06.2015Unit 9: Research Methodology Unit Test 9
12.06.2015Unit 10: Library and its Users Unit Test 10
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