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Maharashtra State Eligibility Test (MH SET) December 2013 Paper 1 (41-50)

1. Quantitative data are best compared in the form of a :
dot plot
pie chart

2. The proportions of related items are best shown by a :
line graph
pie chart
dot plot

3.Identify the pair that appears in the reverse chronological order of development :
Mainframe and Desktop
Desktop and Laptop
Tablet and Laptop
Laptop and Tablet

4.Arrange the following units of computer memory in descending order of magnitude :byte, gigabyte, bit, megabyte, terrabyte
terrabyte, gigabyte, megabyte, byte, bit
gigabyte, terrabyte, megabyte, bit, byte
gigabyte, megabyte, terrabyte, byte, bit
terrabyte, megabyte, gigabyte, bit, byte

5. Identify the matching pairs :
(i) JPEG — Photo/Picture
(ii) MP3 — Audio
(iii) XLS — PowerPoint Presentation
(iv) AVI — Statistical Information

(i) and (ii)
(ii) and (iii)
(iii) and (iv)
(i) and (iv)

6. In the context of Internet, UGC stands for :
University Grants Commission
Universal Graphic Communication
User Group Configuration
User Generated Content

7. Which of the following softwares is used for processing photos or pictures ?
Picture Perfect

8. In the context of Internet, identify the incorrect pair from the following :
.gov — government website
.com — commercial website
.ac — accounting website
.edu — educational website

9. Which one of the following regions of India is known as “biodiversity hot-spot” ?
Eastern Ghats
Thar desert
Deccan plateau
Western Ghats

10. The air pollutant known as “secondary” in nature is :
Sulphur dioxide
Peroxyacetyl nitrate