Maharashtra State Eligibility Test (MH SET) December 2013 Paper 1 (51-60)

1. In hilly areas, landslides occur due to :

2. Fly ash is produced in a factory during :
manufacturing chemical fertilizers
refining of bauxite
smelting steel
production of thermal power

3.Kyoto protocol aims at :
containing emissions of greenhouse gases
stabilizing ozone cover
reducing water pollution
arresting desertification

4.A major cause of water-borne diseases in India is :
hardness of water
scarcity of water
pollution of water
saline water

5. Which of the following is a degreeawarding body ?
Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
University Grants Commission
Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics
Indian Council of Historical Research

6. In the Constitution of India, the power to legislate on education is a part of :
Union list
State list
Concurrent list
Seventh schedule

7. Full form of B.C.U.D. is :
Bureau of College and University Development
Board of Councillors for University Development
Board of College and University Directors
Board of College and University Development

8. In state universities of Maharashtra, a Board of Studies is formed by :
elected heads of departments only
elected heads of departments and nominated experts
elected heads of departments and nominated teachers
elected heads of departments, co-opted teachers and co-opted experts

9. Long form of AICTE is :
All India Council for Technical Education
All India Commission for Technology Education
All India Committee for Teachers’ Education
All India Congress for Trainee Education

10. Which of the following is an extension activity of a state university ?
Continuing and Distance Education
Bridge Courses
Remedial Teaching
Earn and Learn Scheme

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