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41.Arrange the following steps in Flowchart in order:
i. Modularity
ii. Data Structure
iii. Identifying problems into sub problems
iv. Loops and Termination of loops

iii, iv, i, ii
iii, ii, iv, i
ii, iii, iv, i
iv, ii, i, iii

42.Arrange the following libraries according to their year of origin:
i. Asiatic Society Library, Bombay
ii. Connemara Public Library, Madras
iii. Delhi Public Library, Delhi
iv. National Library of India, Calcutta

i, ii, iv, iii
i, iii, iv, ii
ii, iv, iii, i
iv, iii, ii, i

43.Arrange the following according to their year of origin:
i. Bowker Annual
ii. Europa World Yearbook
iii. India; a reference annual
iv. Stateman’s yearbook

iv, i, ii, iii
i, ii, iv, iii
iv, iii, i, ii
ii, i, iv, iii

44.Arrange the following in the order of development:
i. GML
ii. Hypermedia
iii. SGML
iv. Memex

i, ii, iii, iv
iv, ii, i, iii
ii, iii, iv, i
iii, ii, i, iv

45.Arrange in sequence the following committees workshop in order of their year of constitution:
i. UGC Committee for Development of University and College Libraries (S.R. Ranganathan)
ii. UGC Committee on National Network System for University Libraries (Dr. Yashpal)
iii. UGC Review Committee on Library Science (S.R. Ranganathan)
iv. UGC Workshop on Standards for College Libraries

iii, iv, i, ii
iii, ii, i, iv
i, iii, iv, ii
i, ii, iv, iii

46.Match the following tools used in Total Quality Management:
a. Statistical Quality Control i. Conformance and Maintain sticks
b. Check Sheets ii. To identify relationship between problem and cause
c. Pareto Charts iii. Checking variables
d. Fishbone diagram iv. To identify intensity of problem

ii i iv iii
iii i iv ii
i iii ii iv
iv i iii ii

47.Match the following:
List – I (Hypothesis) List – II (Characteristics)
a. Null i. Statement of expectations
b. Working (Directional) ii. Relational propositions
c. Explanatory iii. No relation between variables
d. Descriptive iv. Existence of variables

i iv ii iii
iii iv ii i
iii ii i iv
iii i ii iv

48.Match the following:
a. Theory of Hygiene & Motivation i. Likerts
b. Maturity Theory ii. Vroom and Lawler
c. Expectancy Theory iii. Herzberg
d. Analysis Theory iv. Argyris

ii iii iv i
iii iv ii i
ii i iii iv
iv i ii iii

49.Match the following:
a. Harrold Koontz i. MBO
b. Rensis Likert ii. Three leadership styles
c. Peter Drucker iii. Four systems management
d. George Haber iv. Problem solving Vs. Decision making

i ii iii iv
iii iv i ii
iv iii ii i
ii iii i iv

50.Match the following:
a. Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education i. IFLA
b. Seven Pillars of Information literacy ii. CAUL
c. Guidelines on Information Literacy for Life Long Learning iii. ACRL
d. Information Literacy Working Group iv. SCONUL

iii iv i ii
iv ii iii i
iii i ii iv
ii iii i iv

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