51.Match the following :
a. Nadir to Ascendingi. Hypothesizing
b. Ascending to Zenithii. Verification
c. Zenith to Descendingiii. Deductive
d. Descending to Nadiriv. Empirical

i iii ii iv
ii iv i iii
iii i iv ii
iv i iii ii

52.Match the following characteristics of DBMS with respective activity : :
a. Reduction of redundancyi. Encryption
b. Data sharingii. Centralized control
c. Data integrityiii. No. of application programs
d. Data securityiv. Accurate and consistent data

ii iii iv i
iv iii ii i
iii iv i ii
i ii iv iii

53.Match the following :
a. XMLi. Joe Becker
b. METSii. Defence Organizations
c. UNICODEiii. W3C
d. Cryptographyiv. Library of Congress

i ii iii iv
iii iv i ii
ii iii iv i
iv i ii iii

54.Match the following :
a. Social Microscopei. Cluster Technique
b. Fundamental Researchii. No control over variance
c. Ex-post facto researchiii. Case study method
d. Multi stage random samplingiv. Knowledge for knowledge sake

i ii iii iv
iii iv ii i
ii iii i iv
iv i ii iv

55.Match the following :
a. Estimation of future expenditure on the basis of previous year expenditurei. Programme
b. ` 15 per student and ` 200/- per teacherii. Comparison
c. 6.5%-10% of university budget for the development of libraryiii. Per capita
d. Activities to be accomplished by the libraryiv. Proportional

ii iii iv i
i ii iii iv
iii iv i ii
iv i ii iii

56.Match the following :
a. Identification of user categoriesi. Market positioning
b. Prioriting user groups and servicesii. Segmentation
c. Information seeking behaviour of usersiii. Marketing Mix
d. Product, price, place, promotioniv. Consumer analysis

i ii iii iv
ii i iv iii
iii iv i ii
iv iii ii i

57.Match the following :
a. FRBRi. Paul Otlet
c. UDCiii. G. Bhattacharya
d. wwwiv. Tem Berners-Lee

ii i iii iv
ii iii i iv
ii iv i iii
iv ii iii i

58.Match the following : v. ASLIB
a. Index Translationumi. NISCAIR
b. Translation Register Index (TR-I)ii. NTC, Chicago
c. World Trans Indexiii. UNESCO
d. Common-wealth Index of Unpublished Transtationsiv. ITC, Delft, Netherlands

ii iii i iv
iii ii iv v
v iii i ii
iv ii v iii

59.Match the following :
a. Authorityi. Typography
b. Scopeii. Stated purpose
c. Formatiii. Publisher’s reputation
d. Arrangementiv. Cross references

ii iii i iv
i iv ii iii
iii ii i iv
iii iv ii i

60.Match the following :
a. Measure of similarity between two documentsi. Proportion of coefficient association
b. Similarity measure based on overlap in terms between two documentsii. Rectangular distance coefficient
c. Document similarity based solely on the occurrence of wordsiii. Coefficient of association
d. Similarity measure which is based on the city block distance between two documentsiv. Lexical similarity

i iii ii iv
iii i ii iv
iii i iv ii
ii iii iv i

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