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5 Model Tests are published


1.If the value of even one datum is in extreme as compared with the remaining data, it can substantially affect the value of
Median and Mode
Mean and Mode

2.The schedule used to measure the attitude or opinion is known as
Interview Schedule
Rating Schedule
Document schedule
Observation schedule

3.“Selection of sample that is a replica of the population “is known as
Quota sample
Judgmental sample
Accidental sample
Non- probability sample

4.Non-probability sampling includes
Quota sampling
Convenience sampling
Judgment sampling
All of the above

5.Spearman founded
Partial correlation
Multiple correlations
Rank correlation
Rank correlation

6.ANOVA technique is used in
Multiple samples
Unique samples
Both of these
None of these

7.Ex-post facto research does not have control over

8.Proposition that typically state the existence, size, form or distribution of some variables is known as
Rational Hypothesis
Null Hypothesis
Descriptive Hypothesis
Explanatory Hypothesis

9.Schedule is a technique of collecting data through
An enumerator

10.Formal and informal tests are carried out in
Diagnostic research design
Exploratory research design
Descriptive research design
Experimental research design

11.Research conducted to solve any immediate problem at hand is called
Basic research
Action research
Applied research
None of the above

12.While planning an observation, one should not keep in mind
Tools and techniques need to be avoid in recording observation
What should be recorded?
How to ensure accuracy of observation
How the observation should be recorded

13.Alternative Hypothesis is proved to be
Partially True
Partially wrong
Completely wrong

14.A study on the Anna Centenary library services (Public library) in South India is an example of
Survey Research
Action Research
Pure Research
Diagnostic Research

15.A list of all members of the population without duplication is called a
Sample frame
Sample design
None of the above

16.Non- Directional Hypothesis that is tested for its rejection is
Null (H0)
Statistical Inference
None of the above

17.Synopsis of a Research is
Blue Print of Research
Document print of Research
Spiral of Scientific Method
None of the above

18.Four important technique used to explore the information need of users are
Questionnaire, investigation, Diary, Observation
Questionnaire, Interview, Diary, Observation
Questionnaire, Investigation, Report, Observation
None of the above

19.Questionnaire is widely used tool in which type of Research?
Survey Research
Experimental Research
Historical Research
Case Study Research

20.Research Design of a Study should not include
Blue print of Research

21.A Survey design that collects consensus opinions of Panel of experts and the judgment is known as
Historical method
Case study method
Delphi technique
Interview method

22.Which of the following one do not included in Measures of Central Tendency
Arithmetic Mean
Standard Deviation

23.Range is refers to
Difference b/w positive and negative observations
Difference b/w the largest and the smallest observations
Both a and b
None of the above

24.-----------is the most widely used measure of dispersion
Harmonic Mean
None of the above

25.The first page of the research report is--------?
Acknowledgement Page
Index Page
Title Page
None of the above

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