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Unit 1- Information, Information Science, Information Society

Visit this link to download Dec 2013 Coaching Unit I Questions-!topic/lisquizonline/WvzMoJ4NR1k
  • The term "data" plural form of datum
  • The word ‘data’ is Latin in origin, and literally, it means anything that is given.
  • Data is undifferentiated observation of facts in terms of words, numbers, symbols, etc
  • Information is processed data
  • Knowledge is consolidated and structured information as in encyclopaedic articles, state-of-the-art reports, textbooks, etc.
  • Example:
Data - Raw Material- Cotton
Information -Intermediary- Yarn
Knowledge -Finished Product- Cloth
  • Explosion of information : Growth of information beyond amanageable limit.
  • Information Society : A society in which all activities are centred on
information as a basic input.
  • Information is piecemeal, fragmented, particular;is timely, transitory, perhaps even ephemeral, is flow of messages
  • Data, e.g., trade and industrial statistics, price index, entertainment announcements, etc.
  • Information, e.g., processed information of weather to warn farmers during times of monsoons, stock exchange information for investments, reports of music concerts, news about national and international events,etc.
  • Knowledge, e.g., press responsibilities vis-à-vis democratic institutions in the form of a report, international information order as exemplified by the third world countries meetings, the books such as ‘Many Voices One World’ published by UNESCO, etc.
  • Brookes fundamental equation of information science is K [S] +D I = K [S+ D S]


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