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UGC NET June 2000 Paper II (41-50)

1.The Indian National Biography does not include
Books published in India in English
Official reports
Books on India, Published abroad
Books published in recognised India Languages

2.The subject headings"Money" and "Inflation" are both used in a retrieval system
be linked by a "see also" reference
be linked by a "see" reference
be linked by both "see" and "see also" references
not be linked

3.The resource sharing strategy of a library may not include
Joint Acquisition
Shared Use
Exchange of materials
Restricted access

4.Which of the following is not a national library?
Library of Congress
Britsh Library
Bibliotheque Nationale
Smithsonaian Institute

5.UNESCO's Public Library Manifesto was last revised in

6.The ICCP did not lead to
agreement on the need for uniformity and standards
a definition of main entry
a recognition of corporate authorship[
the development of MARC format

7.In Kwic index the keyword appears
at the beginning of each entry
at the centre of the line
as the highlighted word
at the end of the line

8.The relationship between the terms "Ship" and "Boats" is/b>
Sytactic relationship
Semantic relationship

9.Which of the following cannot be regarded as 'multimedia'
A tape-slide programme
A CD-ROM with text and visuals
A web page

10.Invisible colleges are
networks of people interested in the same subject
help in communication
neither (1) nor (2)
both (1) and (2)

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