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UGC NET June 2000 Paper II ( 31-40)

1.Extension services to the blind by a public library is justified by
the fourth law of library science
the fifth law of library science
Cthe first law of library science
all the laws of library science

2.The table standard subdivision helps a classificaiton scheme
to ensure consistency
to add mnemonic value
both (a) & (b)
None of the above

3.Which of the follwoing names are associated with Post-Coordinate Indexing
Taube, Moores, Baten
Taube, Austin, Coats
Taube, Austin, Garfield
Moores, Taube, Garfield

4.A document description is not found in a
Catalogue entry
Bibliographic entry
Class number

5.The following is not an example of re-packaging of information
Trend Report

6.In UDC, the inter-relationship between the two subjects is denoted by
Ampersand followed by Roman Smalls
A colon
Double colon

7.GOC helps libraries in determining
foreign exchange rates
names of foreign agents and vendors
books available in the market
which books to buy

8.In a library which of the following positions are line positions
1. Junior library assistant 2.Subject Specialist 3. Deputy Librarian 4. Systems Librarians

1 & 2
1 & 3
1 & 4
2 & 4

9.An organizational structure is determined by
 1. span of control 2. hierarch 3. space and location

1 & 2
2 & 3
1 &3
All the above

10.According to AACR-II, the heading of the main entry for conference porceeding edited by an individual is prepared under
name of editor
place of conference
title of the volume
name of the conference

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