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Thursday, September 22, 2016

CBSE UGC NET July 2016 LIS Paper 3 (51-60)


1. Match the following :
a. Histogram i. Signs and symbols
b. Bar Charts ii. Data in Circle
c. Pie Chart iii. Length of the bar
d. Pictogram iv. Frequency distribution
iv, iii, ii, i
iii, iv, ii, i
i, iii, ii, iv
ii, i, iii, iv

2. Match the following :
a. Facebook i. Video Networking site
b. Research Gate ii. Social Networking site
c. Oovoo iii. Academic Networking site
d. Flickr iv. Photo Networking site
i, iii, ii, iv
iv, i, ii, iii
ii, iii, i, iv
iii, iv, i, ii

3. Match the following :
a. Qualitative research i. Studies different units or culture or social groups
b. Quantitative research ii. Describes reality as experienced by groups, communities, individuals, etc.
c. Longitudinal research iii. Employs measurement and statistical analysis
d. Comparative research iv. Study of the problem or phenomenon over a period of time
i, iv, iii, ii
ii, iii, iv, i
iii, ii, i, iv
iv, i, ii, iii

4. Match the following :
a. Ezproxy i. A community awareness programme
b. Geek the Library ii. Access and authentification software
c. Outside the box iii. Online learning place for libraries
d. Web junction iv. Library focussed community entertainment initiative
ii, i, iv, iii
ii, i, iii, iv
iv, iii, ii, i
iii, i, iv, ii

5. Match the following :
a. Bhuvan 3D i. Operating System
b. Ubuntu ii. ERMS
c. Urkund iii. Geoportal
d. CORAL iv. Anti-plagiarism software
i, iv, iii, ii
iv, ii, i, iii
iii, i, iv, ii
iii, iv, ii, i

6. Match the following :
List – I(Examples) List – II (Type of Relation)
a. Relation between Political Science with history i. Influencing
b. Geopolitics ii. Intra-array general relation
c. Medical Jurisprudence iii. Bias
d. Chemical relation between silver and gold iv. General
ii, iii, iv, i
i, iv, ii, iii
iv, i, iii, ii
iv, i, ii, iii

7. Match the following :
a. Super-imposition Device i. Treatment of eye disease in children
b. Subject Device ii. Use of ‘1’ for Unity, God, World
c. Systems & Specials iii. Agricultural countries
d. Mnemonic Device iv. British – India
iv, iii, i, ii
iv, iii, ii, i
ii, iii, i, iv
i, iv, ii, iii

8. Match the following :
a. Abstractor i. Credible Authors and Publishers
b. Classifier ii. Strong subject base and command over language
c. Reference Librarian iii. Thought contents of documents
d. Collection Development Manager iv. Inquisitive and good psychologists
ii, iv, i, iii
ii, iii, iv, i
iii, ii, iv, i
iv, ii, iii, i

9. Match the following :
a. Greenpilot i. Library of Congress
b. Kalasampada ii. Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts
c. Gallica iii. German National Library of Medicine
d. SACO iv. Bibliotheque Nationale de France
i, ii, iii, iv
ii, iv, i, iii
iii, ii, i, iv
iii, ii, iv, i

10. Assertion (A) : In recent time, it is easier to copy and paste the contents from a digital document for which people knowingly avoid to credit the source. Hence, increased access to digital documents has provided a means for increase of plagiarism.
Reason (R) : Software-assisted detection tools like iThenticate, Turnitin, etc. now allow vast collections of online documents to be compared to each other making successful detection of plagiarism.

Both (A) and (R) are false.
(A) is true, but (R) is false.
(R) is true, but (A) is false.
Both (A) and (R) are true.

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