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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Karnataka SET (KSET) 2015 LIS Paper 3 (61-75)


1. The basic characteristics of system are
i. Interrelated components
ii. Independent and can stand alone
iii. Arranged in hierarchical order
iv. Inputs, process, outputs and feedback
i, ii and iii are correct
i, ii and iv are correct
ii, iii and iv are correct
i, iii and iv are correct

2. Information Transfer Cycle is the process of
i. creation of information
ii. collection of information
iii. storage of information
iv. dissemination and retrieval of information
i, iii and iv are correct
i, ii and iv are correct
ii, iii and iv are correct
All of the above

3. In acronym MBO 'O' stands for
i. Opportunity
ii. Objective
iii. Organization
iv. Opinion
i and ii are correct
ii is correct
iii and ii are correct
iv is correct

4. The title accounting in two or more languages on the title page of a document is known as
i. Multilingual title
ii. Double title
iii. Mixed title
iv. Monolingual
i is correct
i and ii are correct
ii is correct
iii is correct

5. Match the following:
a). Zero base budgeti). J.L. Ferradane
b). Relational Indexingii). Peter Phyr
c). Natioanal Knowledge Commissioniii). Hans Peter Luhn
d). SDIiv). Sam Pitroda
iii, ii, i, iv
ii, i, iv, iii
i, iv, iii, ii
iv, iii, ii, i

6. Match the following:
a). Facebooki). Video networking site
b). Research Gateii). Social networking site
c). OOVOOiii). Academic networking site
d). Flickeriv). Photo networking site
i, iv, ii, iii
iv, i, iii, ii
ii, iii, i, iv
iii, ii, iv, i

7. Match the following:
a). UAPi). OCLC
b). Worldcatii). INSDOC (NISCAIR)
c). SCIiii). IFLA
d). NUCSSIiv). Thompson Reuters
ii, iv, iii, i
iv, ii, i, iii
iii, i, iv, ii
i, iii, ii, iv

8. Match the following:
a). Zip's lawi). Law of scattering
b). Eugine Garfieldii). Measurement of word frequency
c). Broadford Lawiii). Impact factor
d). Lotka's Lawiv). Measurement of author's productivity
ii, iii, i, iv
i, iv, iii, ii
iv, i, ii, iii
iii, ii, iv, i

9. Match the following:
a). Search enginei). SOSIG
b). Subject gatewayii). Dogpile
c). Net browseriii). Altavista
d). Meta search engineiv). Internet explorer
iii, iv, ii, i
iv, i, iii, ii
iii, i, iv, ii
ii, iii, i, iv

10. Match the following:
a). TELNETi). Bulletin Board
b). USENETii). Moving/downloading files
c). E-mailiii). Remote login
d). FTPiv). Exchanging messages
ii, i, iv, iii
iii, i, iv, ii
iv, iii, ii, i
i, iii, ii, iv

11. Match the following:
a). Libsysi). ALGORITHM
i, iii, iv, ii
iv, iii, i, ii
iii, iv, ii, i
iv, i, iii, ii

12. Match the following:
a). Communication barrieri). Television
b). Communication mediumii). D.K. Berlo
c). Communication modeliii). Informal
d). Communication channeliv). Distance
i, ii, iii, iv
iv, i, ii, iii
iv, iii, ii, i
iii, ii, i, iv

13. Match the following:
a). Register cardi). Catalogue
b). Top cardii). File
c). Author cardiii). Three card system
d). Recordiv). Kardex
ii, i, iii, iv
iv, iii, ii, i
ii, iv, iii, i
iii, iv, i, ii

14. Match the following:
a). H-Indexi). Egghe
b). G-Indexii). Larry Page
c). Page rankiii). Hirsch
d). Impact factoriv). Garfield
iv, ii, iii, i
iii, i, iv, ii
ii, iii, iv, i
iii, i, ii, iv

15. Match the following:
a). CLRIi). Hyderabad
b). SENDOCii). New Delhi
c). NASSDOCiii). Mumbai
d). BARCiv). Chennai
ii, i, iv, iii
iv, iii, i, ii
iv, i, ii, iii
iii, i, iv, ii

1 komentar


Question number 11

I think, correct ans should be iv,iii,i,ii