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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Maharashtra State Eligibility Test September 2015 Paper 1(1-10)


1. When choosing a teaching method, which of the following is considered to be the least important ?
Nature of the content being taught
Available resources
Course objectives
Students likes and dislikes

2.The best feedback about mislearning is obtained through :
diagnostic testing
summative evaluation
objective-based testing
qualitative evaluation

3.The question, “Distinguish between animal cell and plant cell” is based on.........................objective.

4.Students who can effectively express their thoughts show.......................... intelligence.

5.The factors which most affect the quality of teaching are :
learner’s abilities, teacher’s communication skills, teaching method
teaching method, teacher’s communication skills, teacher’s training
teacher’s salary, teacher’s personality, teacher’s training
classroom environment, use of audio-visual aids, learners’ intelligence

6. The most important purpose of home assignment is to :
keep students well engaged
instill habit of hard work in the students
provide feedback to the teacher regarding students’ learning
help in better retention of content

7.Doing research involves these steps :
(1) stating research objectives and hypothesis;
(2) Methodology;
(3) Identification of research problem;
(4) Collection and analysis of data;
(5) Statement of results and discussion.


8.The bibliography of a research report :
lists all the books published on the topic
lends credibility to the report and serves as a guide for further research
includes summaries of references listed in it
is always written in the format prescribed by the American Psychological Association

9.No hypothesis can be stated in........ terms.
null and interrogative

10.The F-test :
is basically one-sided
is basically two-sided
can be either, depending on the hypothesis
can never be two-sided

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