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Monday, December 15, 2014

Gujarat State Eligibility Test December 2013 (GSET) Solved Paper 2 (31-40)


1. The classification scheme with pure notation is

2. The sign to denote common auxiliary of language in UDC is
" "
( )

3. Library association fo special libraries in India is

4.Which of the following is an aspect of user studies?
Accessing user needs
User education
Bibliographic instruction
User orientation

5. DOI is essentially a standard for
Marketing on the Internet
Publishing on the Internet
Persistently identifying a piece of intellectual property on the Internet
Protecting a piece of intellectual property on the InternetS

6. Giga byte is a measure of
Storage Capacity
Processing speed
Voltage resistance ability

7. Bibliometrics is used to find out
Quantity of Publications
Quality of Publications
Use of Publications
Sale of Publications

8. SPSS is a software package for data analysis in
Biological Sciences
Social Sciences
Ocean Sciences
Defence Sciences

9. ZBB system is designed by
Peter phyer
Hoover Commission
Defence Department of USA

10. System analysis technique involves
Analysis and design
Analysis only
Design only
Analysis, evaluation and design

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