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Monday, May 29, 2017

Objective Questions in Information Management - 1

Questions are taken from the book "Objective Studies in Library and Information Science For Net Set and Other Examinations" by Mandal Biswarup Jana Pijush Kanti (ISBN-817888044X )

1.Handling of information in the sense of production is called
Information marketing
Information production
Information industry
Information explosion

2.Grogan had divided the sources ofinformation into how many categories

3.Information may be categorised into which of the following three parts
Logical,Analytical, Statistical
Statistical, Descriptive, Analytical
Logical, Statistical, Systematic
None of them

4.The term "Information Science" was coined first in the
Great Britain

5.'Truncation' is a.technique used in
Current Awareness Service
Online Information Retrieval
Controlled Vocabulary

6.The logical operator 'AND",'OR', 'NOT' were devised by
Charles Babbage
Herman Hollerith
George Boole
Vanneval Bush

7.The Boolean operator 'AND'is
Logical difference
None of the above

8.The Boolean operator 'NOT'is
Logical difference
None of the above

9.The Boolean operator 'OR' is
Logical difference
None of the above

10.In the context of information search 'AND','OR','NOT'are
Search process
Searching Technique
Search operator
None of the above

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