UGC NET/SET Preparation Test Series - 15

1. A Subject comprehending serval succeeding consecutive basic subjects and having some essential qualities in common:
(a) Fission
(b) Agglomeration
(c) Loose Assemblage
(d) Lamination

2. An area of the knowledge universe that contains a topic and occasionally serves as a component of a subject system:
(a) Segment
(b) Subject
(c) Subject system
(d) Universe of Knowledge

3. To denote any scheme in which a compound subjects in first analyzed into its facets in the idea plane and later synthesized in the verbal plane and in the notational plane respectively:
(a) Enumerative Classification Scheme
(b) Analytico-Synthetic Classification Scheme
(c) Faceted Classification Scheme
(d) Rigidly faceted

4. If emphasizes the need for establishing a homonym-fee, synonym-free, agreed standard terminology for denoting basic subjects and isolate ideas in each discipline:
(a) Idea Plane
(b) Verbal Plane
(c) Pure Notation
(d) Mixed Notation

5. The isolate in a schedule may be arranged in the sequence of the decreasing quantity of the documents published or anticipated to be published in them, except when any other overwhelming consideration rules it out: er
(a) Principles of literary warrant
(b) Principles of canonical sequence
(c) Principles of increasing complexity
(d) Wall-picture principles

6. System of ordinal numbers used to represent the classes in a scheme of classification:
(a) Plane
(b) Notation
(c) Canon
(d) Index

7. Ordinal number, which fixes the position of a document in a library relative to other documents having the same ultimate class:
(a) Class Number
(b) Book Number
(c) Call Number
(d) Collection Number

8. Relation between the components array isolates of a complex array isolate:
(a) Intra-Array relation
(b) Intra facet relation
(c) Influencing relation
(d) Bias relation

9. Select the odd one among the following reference management software.
(a) Zotero
(b) Reference Manager
(c) Refworks
(d) End Note

10. Which organisation established Delhi Public Library as its Pilot Project?
(b) ICMR
(c) IFLA

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