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UGC NET/SET Preparation Test Series - 13

1. Koha 22.05' includes
(a) 06 New features, 239 enhancements, 360 bugfixes
(b) 04 New features, 260 enhancements, 350 bugfixes
(c) 02 New features, 290 enhancements, 365 bugfixes
(d) 05 New features, 240 enhancements, 360 bugfixes

2. DESIDOC Journal of Library and Information Technology' is a journal.
(a) Yearly, WOS indexed
(b) Quarterly, WOS indexed
(c) Bi-Monthly, WOS indexed
(d) Half yearly, WOS indexed

3. When was t-test introduced
(a) 1908
(b) 1906
(c) 1909
(d) 1907

4. Which is NOT true about 'Calcutta Public Library' (CPL)?
(a) It was not amalgamated with Imperial Library
(b) Run on a proprietary basis
(c) Established in 1836
(d) Not a Government Institution

5. What is the name of the Cloud-based Interface produced by OCLC for resource sharing?
(a) Relasis D2D
(b) World Share Inter Library Loan
(c) Tipasa

6. Which Research method is a top-down approach to Research?
(a) Explanatory method
(b) Exploratory method
(c) Inductive method
(d) Deductive method

7. Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD) for braille and audio reading materials is a service by
(a) National Library, India
(b) Library of Congress, U.S.A.
(c) National Association for Blinds, India
(d) British Library, U.K.

8. Delphi method was developed by
(a) William Sealy Gosset
(b) Ronald Fisher
(c) Karl Pearson
(d) N.C. Dalkey

9. What is the name of digital collection management system for Indian Museum?

10. Assertion (A): Resources submitted to AGRIS database before 2010 might not have the Access to the full text link.
Reason (R): AGRIS indexes bibliographic references but does not store full text articles.

(a) Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation of (A)
(b) Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is not the correct explanation of (A)
(c) (A) is true but (R) is false
(d) (A) is false but (R) is true

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