UGC NET/SET Preparation Test Series -1

1. Which one of the Five Laws of Library Science that Ranganathan remarked as a ‘Trivial Truism’ in his writing “Library Science and Scientific Method.”
(A) First Law
(B) Second Law
(C) Third Law
(D) Fifth Law

2. Arrange the following according to their year of origin:
i. Indian National Bibliography
ii. British National Bibliography
iii. Cumulative Book Index
iv. Books in Print

(A) i, ii, iv, iii
(B) ii, iii, iv, i
(C) iii, iv, ii, i
(D) iv, i, ii, iii

3. Which ancient country first developed printing?
(A) Japan
(B) Korea
(C) Greek
(D) China

4. The amount of literature published or likely to be published on a subject is
(A) Literary Warrant
(B) Users Warrant
(C) Collocation
(D) Filiatory Sequence

5. The present President of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions is
(A) Barbara Lison
(B) Vicki McDonald
(C) Christine Mackenzie
(D) Donna Scheeder

6. EZproxy is a product of :
(B) Library of Congress

7. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of the U.S. was enacted on
(A) October 28, 1998
(B) December 05, 1998
(C) April 28, 1999
(D) June 05, 1999

8. Current Contents is published by
(A) H.W. Wilson
(B) R.R. Bowker
(C) Thomson Reuters
(D) Clarivate

9. Which British Public Libraries Act abolished the penny rate limitation?
(A) Kenyon Report
(B) Roberts Report
(C) Adams Report
(D) McColvin Report

10. A Library that retires as many books as it adds is
(A) Weeding Library
(B) Self-renewing Library
(C) Research Library
(D) Technical Library

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