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Key provisions given for libraries in the General Financial Rules (GFR) 2017

Inventory Management:

  • Rule 215: This rule defines the physical verification procedures for library books. Libraries with less than 20,000 volumes require an annual complete verification, while larger libraries (over 50,000 volumes) can conduct sample verifications every 3 years, unless unusual losses are detected.
  • Loss Allowance: Up to 5 lost books per 1,000 issued/consulted annually is considered reasonable, excluding situations of dishonesty or negligence. Losses exceeding Rs. 1,000 or involving rare books require investigation and action.

Accounting and Records:

  • Rule 212: Libraries must maintain separate accounts for fixed assets like furniture and equipment (Form GFR-22), consumables (Form GFR-23), and library books (Form GFR-18). Ministries/Departments can supplement these forms with additional details as needed.


  • Manual for Procurement of Goods 2017: This manual outlines general procurement procedures applicable to libraries, including tendering processes and contract terms.

Additional Provisions:

  • Hiring Out of Fixed Assets: Rule 212 allows libraries to hire out fixed assets under specific conditions and with proper record-keeping and charge determination.
  • Transfer of Charge: Rule 216 mandates proper handover procedures when transferring library materials between officers, ensuring accurate records and accountability.

Library books in the Form GFR 18

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