UGC NET December 2023 Paper 2 Library Science (31-40)

1. _____is an initiative to preserve the long tail of open access Journals.

2. Econstar is a non-profit digital archiving service provided by :
(1) Library of Congress
(2) Australian National Library of Economics
(3) German National Library of Economics
(4) National Library of Economics, Netherland

3. Which of the following is also called “Cardinal Scale” ?
(1) Nominal Scale
(2) Ordinal Scale
(3) Interval Scale
(4) Ratio Scale

4. _____is mainly concerned with generalisations and with the formulation of a theory.
(1) Quantitative Research
(2) Fundamental Research
(3) Applied Research
(4) Qualitative Research

5. Which of the following is not a non probability sampling method ?
(1) Stratified Sampling
(2) Convenience Sampling
(3) Judgement Sampling
(4) Quota Sampling

6. When the dependent variable is not free from the influence of extraneous variable (s), the relationship between the dependent and independent variables is said to be confounded by
(1) Extraneous variable
(2) Discrete variable
(3) Continuous variable
(4) Non-continuous variable

7. Which of the following is not a function of AGRIS ?
(I) AGRIS is a co-operative system
(2) Participating countries input the bibliographical references to literature
(3) AGRIS processing Unit at Vienna processes the collected information
(4) AGRIS follows decentralised processing of information for their purpose

8. Which of the following does take the pride of the becoming the first medical periodical in India not sponsored by any society or association ?
(1) Indian Journal of Medical Science
(2) Indian Medical Record
(3) Medical Record
(4) The Indian Medical Gazette

9. Which of the following was not included in the Terms of Reference in the Project Agreement (between UNESCO and India) for the development of public library services in India in May 1951 ?
(1) It shall provide public library services for the people of the city Delhi
(2) The library shall keep itself abstained from carrying out the policy of UNESCO’s public library Manifesto
(3) It shall be in all countries where similar development of public libraries can be undertaken
(4) It shall be a model for all public libraries developed in India

10. While Medical Library Association (MLA) has fostered excellence in the professional practice to enhance health care education and research, which of the following is not correct ?
(1) This association educates health information professional about how to handle health information
(2) This association supports its professionals in promoting health information research
(3) This association trains physicians
(4) This association promotes access the worlds health science information

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