UGC NET June 2019 Paper 2 Library Science (51-60)

1. HaaS is also known as
(1) SaaS
(2) IaaS
(3) PaaS
(4) NaaS

2. Any act by a conservator that involves a direct interaction between the conservator and the cultural material is called
(1) Archive conservation
(2) instrumental conservation
(3) preventive conservation
(4) interventive conservation

3. Who propounded 'minimum, middling and maximum theories' in reference service?
(1) C.M. Winchell
(2) James I. Wyer
(3) Samuel Rothstein
(4) D.W. Lewis

4. Who is the author of the book entitled, The Third Wave?
(1) Daniel Bell
(2) Alvin Toffler
(3) W.R. Ashby
(4) Robert T. Craig

5. Which of the following consists of a series of rectangles drawn next to each other without any space between them, each representing the frequency of a category or subcategory?
(1) Line diagram
(2) Histogram
(3) Pie chart
(4) Cumulative frequency polygon

6. 'Information Outlook' is a bi-monthly online magazine published by
(1) IFLA
(2) ALA
(3) SLA

7. The term 'Epigraph' means
(1) a motto or brief introduction prefixed to a book
(2) spine of a book
(3) essence of a subject
(4) a pamphlet

8. Identify the frequency of occurrence and the analysis of co-occurrence of descriptors assigned to journal articles :
(1) Co-word analysis
(2) Word analysis
(3) h-index
(4) g-index

9. Multiplexing is used in
(1) packet switching
(2) circuit switching
(3) data switching
(4) protocol switching

10.E-journal article can be identified with the help of
(1) Digital Open Identifier
(2) Journal Source Identifier
(3) Journal Article Identifier
(4) Digital Object Identifier

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