UGC NET December 2022 Paper 2 (31-40)

1. In SPSS_____ is in the form of a spreadsheet grid into which data can be entered.
1. Data Viewer
2. Data Editor
3. Data dialog box
4. Chart Editor

2. provides a set of rules for assigning numerical values to answers obtained from respondents.
1. Questionnaire
2. Interview Schedule
3. Research Proposal
4. Code Book

3. Observing a group without interfering in its normal activities is referred as
1. Observation under controlled conditions
2. Observation under unstructured conditions
3. Observation under natural conditions
4. Observation under structured conditions

4. Studies which are concerned with describing the characteristics of a particular individual or of a group is
1. Applied research
2. Descriptive research
3. Experimental research
4. Historical research

5. FORSA is a
1. Consortium
2. Open Educational Resources Portal
3. Automatic Abstracting Service
4. Federation of Library Associations

6. Open Educational Resources and course on Engineering and Technology are available at
1. e-pg pathshala
2. Diksha

7. Secretariat libraries are part of
1. Chief Executive Officer's Personal Office
2. Government Secretariats
3. Corporate Offices
4. Public Libraries

8. Who defines hybrid library as "a cross breed which aims to meet the needs of new learning environment”
1. Garrod and Oppenheim
2. Oppenheim and Smithson
3. Smithson and Garrod
4. Garrod. Oppenheim and Smith Sen

9. In Satellite Communication, multiple repeaters are known as
1. Detectors
2. Modulators
3. Station
4. Transponders

10. POST is performed by
1. Operating System
2. Assembler
4. Linker

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