KVS Librarian Exam Special Mock Test -22

1. Which University started BLib course first in India?
Banaras Hindu University
Aligarh Muslim University
University of Delhi
University of Madras

2. Which university started first post-graduate course in Library Science in India?
University of Rajasthan
Banaras Hindu University
University of Delhi
Madras University

3. Which was the first university awarded PhD to a scholar from library science department in India?

4. Who among the following contributing to the Documentation has been a-Nobe
(A) Paul Otlet
(B) S.C.Bradford
(C) Loosjes
(D) Henri La Fontaine

5. Who is the creator of OpenURL?
Tim Berners Lee
Herbert Van de Sompel
Alan Harvey Guth
Georges Lemaitre

6. Who is the inventor of the e-book?
Jeff Bezos
Michael Stern Hart
Andries Van Dam
Alan Kay

7. Who propound the theory of disruptive technologies in the year 2000?
Elon Mask
Clayton Christensen
John Fallon
None of these

8. Who provided financial and technical assistance for the establishment of Delhi Public Library, Delhi?
International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation
Indian Association of Special Libraries and Information Centre
National Council of Educational Research and Training

9. Who publishes "Indian Library Science Abstract .' ?
Indian National Scientific Documentation Centre
National Library of India
Indian Association of Special Libraries and Information Centres
Indian Library Association

10. Who was first to coined the term "KWIC" in indexing
H. P. Luhn
D. Edge

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