Kinds of Knowledge

i) know-what : Refers to knowledge about facts such as How many people live in Delhi? What are the ingredients of pancakes?, When was the battle of Panipat fought?, are some of the examples. Here, knowledge is close to what is normally called as information.
ii) know-why : Refers to scientific knowledge of the principles and laws of nature. This kind of knowledge underlies technological development and product and process advances in most industries. The production of this kind of knowledge is often organised in specialised organisations such as research labs,  universities, etc.
iii) know-how : Refers to skills or capability to do something. Businessmen judging market prospects for a new product or a personnel manager selecting and training staff have to use their know-how. Know-how is typically a kind of knowledge developed and kept ready with in the border of an individual firm
iv) know-who : Involves information about who knows what and who knows how to do what. It involves the formation of special social relationships which makes it possible to get access to experts and use their knowledge efficiently. This kind of knowledge is internal to the organisation to a higher degree than any other kind of knowledge. It is very important for any modern manager or organisation to have this

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