KVS Librarian Exam Special Mock Test -19

1. ‘Libraries as Gateways to Knowledge’ is the title of the document
National Information Policy, 1986
Information Technology Act, 2000
National Knowledge Commission on Libraries, 2007
None of these

2. Headquarters of IFLA is located in :
The Hague

3. Who was the first Librarian of National Library(India)?
D.B. Krishna Rao
B.S. Kesavan
S. Radhakrishnan
Melvil Dewey

4. Which Law of Library Science advocate Open Access and Shelf Arrangement?
First Law
Second Law
Third Law
Fourth Law

5. Which one is National Documentation Centre in India?

6. To make the best use of the library : (a) Library orientation is essential (b) Library instruction is essential (c) Bibliographic instruction is essential (d) User education is essential
(a) and(b) are correct
(b) and(c) are correct
(a) and(c) are correct
(a) to(d) statements are correct

7. CILIP is the new name of:

8. John McFarlane was the first librarian of:
Delhi University Library
Bombay University Library
Imperial Library Calcutta
Delhi Public Library

9. The ‘Right to Information Bill’ was enacted by the Parliament of India on
5th May, 2005
15th June, 2005
12th October, 2005
22nd June, 2005

10. Research is conducted to : (i) Generate new knowledge (ii) Develop a theory (iii) Develop communication skills (iv) Re-interpret existing knowledge
(ii),(iii) and(iv) are correct
(i),(ii) and(iii) are correct
(i),(ii) and(iv) are correct
(i),(iii) and(iv) are correct

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