RSMSSB Librarian Exam Test Series -1

RSMSSB Librarian
1.What is the role of information centre
Collection of information
Processing of information
Dissemination of information
All the above

2.The word 'Hypertext' was coined by
Vannever Bush
Ted Nelson
John Brown
Michael F Robinson

3.Who of the following is the grandfather of 'Hypertext'
Vannever Bush
Ted Nelson
John Brown
Michael F Robinson

4.A technique for identifying the theme of a document from its citations is called
Citation analysis
Citation Indexing
Bibliographic coupling
None of the above

5.. Library week is organised in India every year during
14-20 November
8-14 August
6-12 March
20-26 December

6.Library Day is
14th November
20th November
14th December
12th August

7.Who was the first Indian named as the librarian of the imperial library Calcutta
B S Kesavan
Esther Piercy
Harinath De
Rajnarayan bose

8.Who inaugurated the Delhi Public Library
S R Ranganathan
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
Melvil Dewey

9.In which year Delhi Public Library was inaugurated

10.UNESCO Public Library Manifesto first published in

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