UGC-NET December 2020 & June 2021 (Merged Cycles)- Paper 2 (11-20)

1. Who was the Chief Editor of 'Webster's Third New International Dictionary of the English Language: Unabridged'?
M. R. Gould
Philip Babcock Gove
Edmund Herry
Michael Gorman

2. Who was the founder of Project Gutenberg?
M. Gutenberg
Michael Hart
Joan M. Reitz
Edmund Herry

3. Who among the following called "Reference Service" as a "personal intercourse between librarians and readers"?
Samuel Swett Green
William A. Katz
S. R. Ranganathan
Melvil Dewey

4. Who said, "a number of basic human needs can be identified from the social and psychological functions of the mass media"?
Sull H. Lee and Celia Hales Mabry
M. Sandelowski and H. Haas
E. Katz, M. Gurevitch and H. Haas
William Katz and Bill Katz

5. "Reference and User Services Association" is a division of:
Association for Information Science and Technology
American Library Association
Medical Library Association
Society of American Archivists

6. Mobile App, "BARD" is meant for people with :
Hearing Impairment
Visual Impairment
Speech and Language Disability
Mental Illness

7. According to S. R. Ranganathan, "Spot Subject" is a

Subject of small extension and great intention
Subject of great extension and enormous intention
Subject formed by coupling two or more subjects
Subject of great extension and small intention

8. "The structure of a classification system on the basis of materials to be classified rather than on purely theoretical considerations" is known as:
Literary warrant
Literal mnemonics
Literature Search

9. Which of the following is not a high‐level class or entity in the BIBFRAME model?

10. Who gave the concept of 'Mental Revolution'?
Peter F. Drucker
Henry Fayol
F. W. Taylor
Philip Crosby

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