UPPSC Librarian Exam Preparation Test Series -1

1. The different categories of users of an educational library are:

2. Data can be sent in any direction, but not simultaneously, what is it called:

3. Public Relations (PR) helps in establishing _______ within a community.

4. Hypertext pages mixed with other media such as graphics, audio, video etc. are called?

5.Under which title did DB Krishna Rao get the first doctoral degree in library science?

6. Who among the following contributed to the 'Demand and Supply Theory of Book Selection'?

7. Who developed the CPM method in 1950?

8. A program written in a higher level language can be converted into machine level instruction with the help of:

9. Which protocol is used to send electronic email?

10. Which of the following is used for amplification and retransmission of signals in a communication satellite?

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