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Maharashtra SET 2021 Paper 2 (1-10)

1. Identify plagiarism detection software :
(i) iThenticate
(ii) McAfee
(iii) Urkund
(iv) Quick Heal

2. Match the following :
List I List II
(a) The Copyright Act (i) 1999
(b) The Trade Mark Act (ii) 1957
(c) The Indian Patent Act (iii) 2005
(d) Rights to Information Act (iv) 1970

3. Identify the characteristics of useful information :
(i) Accuracy
(ii) Awareness
(iii) Adequacy
(iv) Dubious

4. Identify the information diffusion models :
(i) Epidemic model
(ii) Economic theory model
(iii) Engineering model
(iv) Ethnography model

5. Information intermediaries must possess the following qualities :
(i) Searching capabilities
(ii) Good height
(iii) Capabilities to analyse data
(iv) Good building

6. Arrange the following communication models in chronological order :
(i) Conceptual model
(ii) Functional model
(iii) Mathematical model
(iv) Systematic model of communication

7. Statement (A) : Berne convention was held in Switzerland in the year 1866.
Statement (B) : WIPO Copyright Treaty was held in Geneva in 1996.

8. The Shannon-Weaver model of communication is criticized for .......

9. Oral communication is also known as ..................

10. Knowledge that may not be expressed by an individual is ................

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