Types of Libraries: Public Libraries

The factors that caused the evolution of public libraries are :

i) Urge for knowledge;
ii) Literacy;
iii) Universal Public Education;
iv) Enlightened leadership and Philanthropy;
v) Rapid advancement in science and technology; and
vi) Fruitful Utilization of Leisure. 

Definition of Public Libraries:

i) living force of education, information and culture; 
ii) life long learning institution; and 
iii) free to all sections of the community.

The characteristics of public libraries:
i) Socio-economic features;
ii) Politico-historical features;
iii) Educational features; and
iv) Socio-psychological features

Functions of Public Libraries:
i) Serving as Centre for Information;
ii) Serving as Centre for Self-Education;
iii) Serving as Centre for Culture;
iv) Serving as Centre for Local Cultural Materials;
v) Development of understanding democratic spirit; and
vi) Being an impartial service agency.

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