Ranganathan’s General Staff Formula

A mathematical formula for calculating staff strength can be extremely helpful. Once such a formula is accepted by authorities, then increase of staff based on increase in quantum of work becomes somewhat mechanical. General staff formula formulated by S.R. Ranganathan has proved to be extremely useful. This formula is applicable to different types of  libraries

S.R. Ranganathan has recommended the following staff formula: 

a) Professional Staff SB + SC + SL + SM + SP+SR + ST 

b) Non-professional Skilled Staff (B/3000)+ (S/100)

c) Unskilled Staff SB/4 + SC/2 + SL + SM/4 + SP/2 + SR/8 + A/20,000 + D/500 + B/60,000 + (S/100) + V/30,000

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