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Maharashtra State Eligibility Test January 2018 Paper 2 (21-30)

1. OPAC stands for :

2. When an author has not registered under copyright by legally proceeded over dispute of ownership. What is the validity of ownership ?:

3. Concept of “Reference Librarian” was first initiated by :

4. Which of the following canon says that choice and rendering of heading should be determined from the title page and its verso :

5. How many centres were established by NISSAT for providing access to NACIDS ?

6. Abstracts in print version of LISA are arranged according to :

7. A variable used to cause a change in another variable is known as :

8. Process of reading data from permanent store and writing it to computer’s main store is called :

9. Which was the first Indian university that has changed the Diploma Course in Library Science to B.Lib.Sc. ?

10. The basic principle which governs the selection of reading material for a library was enunciated by Drury in :

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