Maharashtra SET April 2017- Library and Information Science -Paper 3 (1-10)

1. Which of the Library Automation Software is developed by Softlink ?

2. first to hire staff with designation of “Reference Librarian”.?

3. Knowledge is an organized body of

4. Secondary sources of information cover
(i) Abstract
(ii) Thesis
(iii) Text-book
(iv) Patents

5. Who is the pioneer of POSDCORB ?

6. What was the earlier name of National Library of India ?

7. Which protocol does Ping use ?

8. Arrange the following in proper sequence with codes given below :
(i) Message
(ii) Channel
(iii) Transmitter
(iv) Receiver

9. The other name for HaaSis :

10. Match the following and select the correct answer from the codes given below :
List I
List IT
(i) DRDO
(ii) DSIR
(iii) CSIR
(iv) ICSSR

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