NVS Librarian Exam Preparation Test Series - 3

 Thirunavukkarasu TC  Jul 29, 2019
NVS Librarian Exam Preparation Test Series
1. "Patents" falls under the category:
Tertiary Sources
Secondary Sources
Web Sources
Primary Sources

2. Who introduced the concept of “Three Card System”?
J.D. Brown
C.A. Cutter
W.C.B. Sayers
S.R. Ranganathan

3. ISO-2709 is related with:
Standard for Information Exchange
Standard for Information Processing
Standard for Networking
Standard for Computer Hardware

4. SOUL stands for
Software for Universal Learning
Software for Universal Libraries
Software for University Libraries
Software for Utility Library

5. Weeding of unuseful books from the library is emphasized by this law of library science:

6. Khuda Baksh Library is located at

7. “Every book its reader” is a:
Fourth law of Library Science
Fifth law of Library Science
Second law of Library Science
Third law of Library Science

8. ALU is capable of:
Controlling operation
Performing calculations
Storage data
Monitoring system

9. Which Law of Library Science, restated with emphasis on information as a dynamic, continuum and never ending phenomenon?
Second Law
Fourth Law
Third Law
Fifth Law

10. “Template” is a:
Assembler program
Structured specification
Input/output measure
Recursive routine

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