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NVS Librarian Exam Preparation Test Series 1

Expected question for NVS Librarian Exam

NVS Librarian Exam Preparation Test Series
1. CODEN is connected with
Gray Literature

2. The classes belong to the same array is known as:
Coordinate class
Basic class
Canonical class
Subordinate class

3. ‘Video Display Unit’ is an example of:
Output device
Input device
Storage device
Optical device [

4."Grouping of documents having the same or similar subject content" is called:
Library Cataloguing
Library Classification
Library Notation
Library Schedules

5. The Europa World of Learning’ is a
Institutional directory
Telephone Directory
Professional directory
Topographical directory

6. ‘Census of India’ is a type of:
Statistical source of Information
Geographical source of Information
Current Source of Information
Bibliographical sources of Information

7. Which principle says that "provision should be made for alternative places"?
Principle of collocation
Principle of coordination
Principle of literary warrant
Principle of relativity of class

8. ‘Principle of Osmosis’ is relevant to:

9. This particular law of library science gives emphasis on the delegation of the government to enact library legislation in their respective states:
Second Law
Third Law
First Law
Fourth Law

10. MARC 21 is a standard for:
Radio Frequency Data
Research Data
Bibliography Data

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