Syllabus for RSMSSB Direct Recruitment of Librarian Grade-III 2018 Exam

Library and Information Science and Basic Knowledge of Computer

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Foundation of library and information Science: 
  • Concept of library, information and society, Information society, Library as a social institution,
  • Types of libraries: Academic, Special and Public, National library of India, 
  • Five laws of library science and their implications, 
  • Concept of information literacy, 
  • Library movement in India, Library legislation, Library acts in India, 
  • Intellectual property rights and law, Censorship, Extension activities and public relation work,
  • Role and activities of I.L.A., IFLA and UNESCO and RRRLF, Library resource sharing.
Library Classification and Cataloguing: 
  • Definition, need, purpose and function, 
  • Notation: Types and qualities, 
  • Main features of Colon Classification and Dewey Decimal Classification Schemes,
  • Principles of helpful sequence, General aspects of common isolates/standard sub-divisions,
  • Devices used in C. C. and D.D. C., Steps in practical classification, 
  • Library Cataloguing: Definition, need, purpose and function, 
  • History of Classified Catalogue Code and Anglo American Cataloguing Rules, 
  • Kinds of entries: Main entry and added entries of Classified Catalogue Code, 
  • Kind of catalogue: Classified and dictionary, Physical and inner forms of catalogue, Subject cataloguing and chain procedure, OPAC.
Library Organisation and Management: 
  • General and scientific principles of management and their implication to library administration, Function of administration, 
  • Sections of a library: Acquisition section -Book selection, procedure and accessioning, Technical processing section (Classification and Cataloguing of books), Periodical section,
  • Circulation section: Newark and Browne, 
  • Maintenance: Open access system, care and repair (binding) of books and journals, Stock rectification and verification, Library display, Library rules, Library statistics, Budgeting.
Reference Service and Information Sources: 
  • Reference and information Services: Need and purpose, Ready reference service, Long range reference service, 
  • Initiation, Reference service in School and public library, Organisation of reference department, Qualities of a reference librarian, 
  • CAS and SDI, 
  • Information Sources: Need and types: Primary, secondary and tertiary.
Basics of Computer: 
  • Introduction to computer-Characteristics, use, and types of computers, Computer generations, and computer architecture: 
  • Hardware, input and output devices, 
  • Software: Need, purpose and types, Operating system, Library software: Proprietary, Open source software, 
  • Role of library automation, Use of Internet in libraries, 
  • Electronic Resources: e-Books, e-Journals, databases 

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