ISRO-URSC Library Assistant Exam 2019 Questions-6

ISRO-URSC Library Assistant Exam 2019 Questions Series
1. PLONE, an open source software is used for
Federated Search
Content Management System
Digital Library Software

2. ISO-9960 is related with
Standard for library
Standard for Computer Hardware
Standard for Information Retrieval
Standard for encoding data on CD-ROM

3. Impact factor is devised by
Alan Pritchard
Eugine Garfield
David Hulme
Louis Brandeis

4.GOC helps libraries in determining
Foreign exchange rates
Names of foreign agents and vendors
Books available in the market
List of books to buy

5. Financial allocation made to a University library for purchase of furniture and equipment usually comes under the budget head
Recurring grant
Annual grant
Non-recurring grant

6. Application Program Interface (API) is used for
Graphical User Interface
Network programming
Relational interface in dbms

7. Acquisition librarian provides Accession Number which facilitates
Unique Number for a book inside a particular library
Call Number of a book
Book Number
Class Number

8. Primary source of information
have all types of information
have information about articles
have fundamental facts of research
have information about books

9. Inductive logic proceeds from
general to specific
specific to specific
general to general
specific to general

10. The term 'Bespeaking' refers to
Reservation of books
Registration of Journals
Systematic sampling
Budget Technique

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